No cheaters

Letter Count Manipulation (definition)

  1. {*Handouts to theatergoers} PLAYBILLS
  2. {Lop-___} EARED
  3. {Some desk workers, for short} EDS
  4. {Young ___ (tots)} UNS
  5. {Some add-ons} ELLS
  6. {Sleep indicator in a British comic strip} ZEDS
  7. {Regatta gear} OARS
  8. {Stubborn sorts} MULES
  9. {Defeats handily} ROUTS
  10. {Walks like a peacock} STRUTS
  11. {Big swigs} BELTS
  12. {Many movies with built-in audiences} REMAKES
  13. {Chinese New Year decorations} DRAGONS
  14. {Where forgotten umbrellas may accumulate} COATROOMS


  1. ANOUT {Have ___ (avoid blame)}
  2. ATSEA {Totally disoriented}
  3. BACKDATE {*Make retroactive}
  4. DOUBLEDOUBLE {Statistical achievement in basketball ... or what the answer to each starred clue is}
  5. EATAT {Really get to}
  6. GOLDENBOY {Person who can do no wrong}
  7. IMSOLD {"You've convinced me!"}
  8. RAHRAH {Full of school spirit}
  9. SIDEA {Half a 45}
  10. STANDARDTIME {*It's divided into four zones in the contiguous U.S. states}
  11. YESYES {"Of course, that's obvious"}

Proper nouns

  1. ABBAS {Arafat's successor}
  2. ABRAM {James ___ Garfield}
  3. AGNEW {Vice president before Ford}
  4. EUBIE {Ragtime pianist Blake}
  5. HOYT {Knuckleballer Wilhelm}
  6. KYLE {"American Sniper" subject Chris ___}
  7. LBJ {Great Society inits.}
  8. NEGEV {More than half of Israel}
  9. NPR {"Fresh Air" network}
  10. RENO {Eight-year member of Clinton's cabinet}
  11. THERESA {Russell of "Black Widow"}

Foreign words



  1. ELI {"Hostel" director Roth}
  2. ETA {Flight info, briefly}
  3. POT {Container for 6-Down}
  4. RAHRAH {Full of school spirit}
  5. RENO {Eight-year member of Clinton's cabinet}
  6. SAT {Remained idle}
  7. YAH {"Fargo" assent}

Double letters

  1. {*Incidental chatter} CROSSTALK
  2. {*Handouts to theatergoers} PLAYBILLS
  3. {One end of a fairway} TEE
  4. {Hyphenated ID} SSN
  5. {End to "end"} DEE
  6. {Knuckle to the head} NOOGIE
  7. {Some add-ons} ELLS
  8. {Half of the letters in this answer's row} ESSES
  9. {Act the snitch} TATTLE
  10. {Arafat's successor} ABBAS
  11. {Like a haunted house} SPOOKY
  12. {Where forgotten umbrellas may accumulate} COATROOMS

Weeject Roundup

WordFrequencyToday's clueComment
ELI376"Hostel" director Roth  
ETA331Flight info, briefly  
TEE232One end of a fairway  
TEA229Chai ___  
ADE189Ending with Gator  
LIE185Polygraph detection  
ARC176What a line drive lacks  
EDS171Some desk workers, for short  
SAT159Remained idle  
DEE112End to "end"  
SSN98Hyphenated ID  
TAU92Fraternity letter  
POT72Container for 6-Down  
DUE67Expected in  
NPR54"Fresh Air" network  
DAY52Word repeated in "___ in, ___ out"  
GAG42React to a stench, maybe  
ABO41Blood-typing system  
UNS31Young ___ (tots)  
LBJ20Great Society inits.  
YAH19"Fargo" assent  
Average frequency = 128.0

Four Letter Word Roundup

WordFrequencyToday's clueComment
RENO153Eight-year member of Clinton's cabinet  
OARS101Regatta gear  
EBAY79Site with Daily Deals  
LEST64"... ___ ye be judged"  
ELLS59Some add-ons  
CLOP24Sound of a wooden shoe  
ZEDS16Sleep indicator in a British comic strip  
HOYT15Knuckleballer Wilhelm  
KYLE11"American Sniper" subject Chris ___  
Average frequency = 58.0

First appearances

STANDARDTIME*It's divided into four zones in the contiguous U.S. states  
CROSSTALK*Incidental chatter  
ALTOIDBreath mint in a tin  
PLAYBILLS*Handouts to theatergoers  
DOUBLEDOUBLEStatistical achievement in basketball ... or what the answer to each starred clue is  
IMSOLD"You've convinced me!"  

Reused in last 31 days

AnswerLast usedShortest reuseAverage reuseTotal appearancesClued today withComment
TEE5133.95232One end of a fairway 
ETA9123.94331Flight info, briefly 
ELI10121.07376"Hostel" director Roth 
TEA15134.64229Chai ___ 
NPR164148.7554"Fresh Air" network 
YAH3016392.9419"Fargo" assent 

Reused in last 365 days

AnswerLast usedShortest reuseAverage reuseTotal appearancesClued today withComment
ESTAB3434587.3313Founded: Abbr. 
EDS39146.53171Some desk workers, for short 
SALAD391106.0374Restaurant dish that patrons may make themselves 
ADE42141.90189Ending with Gator 
SSN43180.1198Hyphenated ID 
DUE501119.3367Expected in 
TAMPA513166.7745Home of the Buccaneers 
SAT53150.06159Remained idle 
TAU57186.6292Fraternity letter 
LIE59142.96185Polygraph detection 
ATSEA66260.10132Totally disoriented 
RENO72152.01153Eight-year member of Clinton's cabinet 
ROTINI734474.6412Corkscrew-shaped pasta 
ARC76144.39176What a line drive lacks 
DEE87370.96112End to "end" 
UNS893250.8731Young ___ (tots) 
NOOGIE9292515.406Knuckle to the head 
GAG981184.5942React to a stench, maybe 
EBAY108173.6579Site with Daily Deals 
ELLS1095133.3459Some add-ons 
CACTI1098185.8042Prickly pears, e.g. 
ZEDS12757424.0016Sleep indicator in a British comic strip 
OARS128279.11101Regatta gear 
ESSES130182.3897Half of the letters in this answer's row 
YESYES13933504.1514"Of course, that's obvious" 
TATTLE14316483.6016Act the snitch 
ZEBRA14860553.3313Parent of a zorse or a zonkey 
GRUEL149149688.5011Fare for Oliver Twist 
POT1512111.2472Container for 6-Down 
LBJ16430327.5820Great Society inits. 
BRIDAL1701701266.206Like some showers 
RAHRAH18242457.9418Full of school spirit 
HOYT18621536.3615Knuckleballer Wilhelm 
SIDEA1928273.9329Half a 45 
ASADA19317229.9011Carne ___ (burrito filler) 
NEGEV1983302.3325More than half of Israel 
MULES22142692.5512Stubborn sorts 
ABRAM23945324.1423James ___ Garfield 
EATAT2555162.7149Really get to 
ABO2623185.5041Blood-typing system 
ECOLE2722109.0673France's ___ des Beaux-Arts 
ABBAS2762533.8615Arafat's successor 
UNTIL31931246.5333As late as 

Reused after more than 365 days

AnswerLast usedShortest reuseAverage reuseTotal appearancesClued today withComment
DAY4042154.2452Word repeated in "___ in, ___ out" 
PLANE4078338.7824It lacks depth 
AGNEW40932237.1333Vice president before Ford 
LEST4212122.5964"... ___ ye be judged" 
ROUTS4245393.8420Defeats handily 
RIGOR5104237.2134Extreme hardship 
STRUTS521325766.259Walks like a peacock 
THERESA52366756.0011Russell of "Black Widow" 
TAKEOVER599599599.002*Coup d'├ętat, e.g. 
CLOP6345336.5724Sound of a wooden shoe 
EUBIE67327440.5017Ragtime pianist Blake 
CAJUN11706572.6914New Orleans cuisine 
GOLDENBOY120912091209.002Person who can do no wrong 
KYLE143346697.1011"American Sniper" subject Chris ___ 
BELTS16102221116.007Big swigs 
STIGMA162663735.3011Stain on one's reputation 
ANOUT20948951.139Have ___ (avoid blame) 
REMAKES311631163330.003Many movies with built-in audiences 
UPCAST34206521586.255Thrown skyward 
DRAGONS366916262647.503Chinese New Year decorations 
BACKDATE390039003900.002*Make retroactive 
CARWASH43001102363.334Common school fund-raiser 
SPOOKY48313492253.674Like a haunted house 
COATROOMS761176117611.002Where forgotten umbrellas may accumulate