My solution

Reagle test score: 40/78

Total words:78, open squares:69, blocks:38

Date of first appearance in NYT

AnswerFirst useFirst clueToday's clue
SMEE03/01/1942The pintail"Peter Pan" buccaneer
KAPPA03/01/1942Greek letterPhi Beta ___
STOVE03/22/1942Where baseball fans gatherKitchen range
NEO04/05/1942Recent: comb. formPrefix with realism
ESAU04/12/1942He traded places with his brotherTwin of Jacob and in-law of 30-Down
WACO04/12/1942Lone Star cityTexas home of Baylor University
MALT05/03/1942Germinate artificiallyIce cream drink
LOLA05/03/1942Feminine nameThe "she" in the lyric "I'm not the world's most physical guy, / But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine"
RATS05/24/1942Typhus carriers"Darn it!"
HOP06/07/1942Airplane flightBunny's movement
TIRE07/26/1942Essential war commodityUniroyal product
SMASH08/09/1942BreakOverhead tennis shot
SOS08/16/1942Distress callSignal from a marooned sailor
BRAT08/23/1942Spoiled childYoung miscreant
TITLE08/30/1942Right to propertyHer Royal Highness, e.g.
UNIT09/06/1942One thingTroop group
APIAN09/20/1942Pertaining to beesBeelike
PESOS10/04/1942Mexican dollarsMexican moolah
ERAT12/20/1942Part of the Latin verb, esseThe "E" of Q.E.D.
LEAH12/27/1942One of Jacob's wivesWife of Jacob and in-law of 25-Across
ILIAD01/24/1943Oldest Greek epic poemHomeric epic
TSARS02/21/1943Former rulersOld Russian autocrats
ORAL04/11/1943Not writtenLike classic hospital thermometers
AILS04/18/1943Becomes illIs under the weather
WAGS05/09/1943Droll fellowsGoes back and forth, as a tail
SKIT10/03/1943PlayletVariety show segment
MUSS10/24/1943Rumple: Colloq"No ___, no fuss"
DIMS11/28/1943TarnishesLoses brightness
SLEET12/12/1943Icy showerIcy precipitation
TAX04/09/1944ExciseI.R.S. money
LARS08/06/1944___ Porsena, in Lays of Ancient RomeSwedish version of Lawrence
ENOW08/27/1944“Wilderness were Paradise ___.”Sufficient, to a bard
RAVEL10/01/1944French composerGet tangled up
TWOS11/12/1944PairsNoah's Ark groupings
SPARE12/17/1944Duplicate partKnockdown of all the pins in two bowls
TIS06/10/1945It is"___ the season ..."
SPCA09/23/1945Haven for dumb animalsProtector of stray cats and dogs, for short
LISZT02/17/1946Father-in-law of Richard Wagner"Hungarian Rhapsodies" composer
AAA06/23/1946Automobile club: AbbrTowing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages
AROMA02/09/1947FragranceNasal stimulus
ZENO11/16/1947Founder of the Stoic SchoolGreek philosopher known for paradoxes
LAO06/12/1949Native of Indo-ChinaPhilosopher ___-tzu
SHAG10/01/1950Coarse tobaccoLayered hairdo
SWEEP01/26/1951Swift onward course4-0 World Series win, e.g.
KOLN02/16/1951German name for CologneCity on the Rhine, to locals
LENO02/19/1951Light gauzy fabric for curtainsJay formerly of late-night
GIS04/08/1951Army menPX patrons
EEK08/02/1951Cartoonists' word for a squeal"Yikes!"
SOWS12/09/1951ScattersScatters, as seeds
SETSAIL12/27/1952"One Friday morn when we ___ . . . "Leave port
CHOO01/19/1953Sound of a locomotiveWhen doubled, a child's train
PCT03/30/1953%%: Abbr.
XII04/16/1953A dozen12 on a grandfather clock
HADTO07/04/1953Felt an obligationCouldn't say no
TKOS01/27/1956Prize fight decisionsSome boxing results, for short
TVS02/18/1957Certain setsBoob tubes
METS07/30/1957Fisherman's gear1969 and 1986 World Series champs
NASA05/14/1959Our astronautics and space groupApollo org.
SEASALT08/17/1963Ocean productIt's left when ocean water evaporates
TACO02/01/1966Mexican sandwichTex-Mex serving
SEESSTARS07/02/1968Reacts from a blow on the head: ColloqReels from a haymaker
VIRAL01/10/1973Of an infectionGo ___ (spread online)
SORESPOTS09/27/1975Sensitive areasTouchy subjects
ESAI04/11/1993One of Rebekah's boysActor Morales
UHOH05/01/1994Expression of trouble"Here comes trouble!"
HTTP03/10/1999Start of a Web site addressWeb address starter
SKISUIT03/22/1999Aspen attireWinter attire in Vail
MSNBC03/30/2000"Hardball" broadcaster"Hardball" airer
OWIE12/24/2002Something that hurts, slangilyLittle injury, to a toddler
SADSONG01/07/2007DirgeSomething to take and "make it better," in the Beatles' "Hey Jude"
CSIS03/14/2007A couple CBS spinoffsSome CBS forensic spinoffs
SOULSISTER06/01/2015Woman's best female friendBest black female friend
STEEPSLOPE09/21/2015What a nearly vertical hill hasWhat a nearly vertical hill has
SITSSTILL09/21/2015Quits fidgetingQuits fidgeting
SELLSTOCKS09/21/2015Lighten one's portfolio, sayLighten one's portfolio, say
SLOWSTART09/21/2015Beginning that doesn't go smoothlyBeginning that doesn't go smoothly
STOPSSHORT09/21/2015Comes to rest too soonComes to rest too soon

Letter distribution

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J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q  
R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  



Letter Count Manipulation (definition)

  1. {Mexican moolah} PESOS
  2. {Boob tubes} TVS
  3. {Noah's Ark groupings} TWOS
  4. {Goes back and forth, as a tail} WAGS
  5. {Is under the weather} AILS
  6. {Scatters, as seeds} SOWS
  7. {Old Russian autocrats} TSARS
  8. {PX patrons} GIS
  9. {Some CBS forensic spinoffs} CSIS
  10. {Some boxing results, for short} TKOS
  11. {Loses brightness} DIMS
  12. {Touchy subjects} SORESPOTS

Bagel clues

  1. {Philosopher ___-tzu} LAO
  2. {"___ the season ..."} TIS
  3. {"No ___, no fuss"} MUSS
  4. {Go ___ (spread online)} VIRAL
  5. {Phi Beta ___} KAPPA

Multiple words

  1. HADTO {Couldn't say no}
  2. SADSONG {Something to take and "make it better," in the Beatles' "Hey Jude"}
  3. SEASALT {It's left when ocean water evaporates}
  4. SEESSTARS {Reels from a haymaker}
  5. SELLSTOCKS {Lighten one's portfolio, say}
  6. SETSAIL {Leave port}
  7. SITSSTILL {Quits fidgeting}
  8. SKISUIT {Winter attire in Vail}
  9. SLOWSTART {Beginning that doesn't go smoothly}
  10. SORESPOTS {Touchy subjects}
  11. SOULSISTER {Best black female friend}
  12. STEEPSLOPE {What a nearly vertical hill has}
  13. STOPSSHORT {Comes to rest too soon}

Proper nouns

  1. AAA {Towing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages}
  2. CSIS {Some CBS forensic spinoffs}
  3. ESAU {Twin of Jacob and in-law of 30-Down}
  4. HTTP {Web address starter}
  5. ILIAD {Homeric epic}
  6. KAPPA {Phi Beta ___}
  7. KOLN {City on the Rhine, to locals}
  8. LAO {Philosopher ___-tzu}
  9. LARS {Swedish version of Lawrence}
  10. LEAH {Wife of Jacob and in-law of 25-Across}
  11. LENO {Jay formerly of late-night}
  12. LISZT {"Hungarian Rhapsodies" composer}
  13. LOLA {The "she" in the lyric "I'm not the world's most physical guy, / But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine"}
  14. METS {1969 and 1986 World Series champs}
  15. MSNBC {"Hardball" airer}
  16. NASA {Apollo org.}
  17. SMEE {"Peter Pan" buccaneer}
  18. SPCA {Protector of stray cats and dogs, for short}
  19. WACO {Texas home of Baylor University}
  20. ZENO {Greek philosopher known for paradoxes}

Foreign words


Interesting clues (IMO)

  1. AROMA {Nasal stimulus}
  2. LARS {Swedish version of Lawrence}
  3. LOLA {The "she" in the lyric "I'm not the world's most physical guy, / But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine"}
  4. ORAL {Like classic hospital thermometers}

Double letters

  1. {What a nearly vertical hill has} STEEPSLOPE
  2. {Quits fidgeting} SITSSTILL
  3. {Lighten one's portfolio, say} SELLSTOCKS
  4. {Comes to rest too soon} STOPSSHORT
  5. {Icy precipitation} SLEET
  6. {Web address starter} HTTP
  7. {Towing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages} AAA
  8. {"Yikes!"} EEK
  9. {12 on a grandfather clock} XII
  10. {"No ___, no fuss"} MUSS
  11. {When doubled, a child's train} CHOO
  12. {"Peter Pan" buccaneer} SMEE
  13. {Streamlined} SLEEK
  14. {4-0 World Series win, e.g.} SWEEP
  15. {Phi Beta ___} KAPPA
  16. {Reels from a haymaker} SEESSTARS

Weeject Roundup

WordFrequencyToday's clueComment
NEO204Prefix with realism  
SOS154Signal from a marooned sailor  
AAA148Towing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages  
TIS132"___ the season ..."  
LAO84Philosopher ___-tzu  
GIS56PX patrons  
HOP53Bunny's movement  
TAX50I.R.S. money  
TVS45Boob tubes  
PCT29%: Abbr.  
XII2312 on a grandfather clock  
Average frequency = 89.0

Four Letter Word Roundup

WordFrequencyToday's clueComment
ORAL235Like classic hospital thermometers  
ESAU161Twin of Jacob and in-law of 30-Down  
UNIT153Troop group  
ERAT132The "E" of Q.E.D.  
LENO123Jay formerly of late-night  
NASA112Apollo org.  
TACO105Tex-Mex serving  
ESAI101Actor Morales  
TIRE92Uniroyal product  
RATS91"Darn it!"  
SMEE90"Peter Pan" buccaneer  
LOLA87The "she" in the lyric "I'm not the world's most physical guy, / But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine"  
LEAH79Wife of Jacob and in-law of 25-Across  
AILS78Is under the weather  
UHOH64"Here comes trouble!"  
SPCA61Protector of stray cats and dogs, for short  
SHAG57Layered hairdo  
METS551969 and 1986 World Series champs  
SKIT52Variety show segment  
WACO52Texas home of Baylor University  
MALT50Ice cream drink  
BRAT45Young miscreant  
TKOS44Some boxing results, for short  
ENOW42Sufficient, to a bard  
TWOS41Noah's Ark groupings  
HTTP34Web address starter  
SOWS27Scatters, as seeds  
LARS26Swedish version of Lawrence  
ZENO23Greek philosopher known for paradoxes  
DIMS19Loses brightness  
OWIE17Little injury, to a toddler  
MUSS17"No ___, no fuss"  
KOLN17City on the Rhine, to locals  
CHOO16When doubled, a child's train  
WAGS14Goes back and forth, as a tail  
CSIS4Some CBS forensic spinoffs  
Average frequency = 67.0

First appearances (in Shortzian era)

STEEPSLOPEWhat a nearly vertical hill has  
SITSSTILLQuits fidgeting  
SELLSTOCKSLighten one's portfolio, say  
SLOWSTARTBeginning that doesn't go smoothly  
STOPSSHORTComes to rest too soon  

Reused in last 31 days

AnswerLast usedShortest reuseAverage reuseTotal appearancesClued today withComment
ORAL4133.99235Like classic hospital thermometers 
AROMA4158.01138Nasal stimulus 
NEO4138.73204Prefix with realism 
ESAI6177.72101Actor Morales 
SLEET65113.6471Icy precipitation 
UHOH64123.9064"Here comes trouble!" 
LOLA9192.3787The "she" in the lyric "I'm not the world's most physical guy, / But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine" 
NASA14170.98112Apollo org. 
HTTP1410182.8234Web address starter 
AAA15153.29148Towing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages 
LARS2121308.0826Swedish version of Lawrence 
UNIT23151.68153Troop group 
METS2610147.13551969 and 1986 World Series champs 
PESOS2614195.9041Mexican moolah 
HOP301152.6953Bunny's movement 
SPARE302179.7745Knockdown of all the pins in two bowls 

Reused in last 365 days

AnswerLast usedShortest reuseAverage reuseTotal appearancesClued today withComment
ERAT34159.27132The "E" of Q.E.D. 
LAO38392.1184Philosopher ___-tzu 
SOS39152.04154Signal from a marooned sailor 
TIS42160.55132"___ the season ..." 
TVS445179.6445Boob tubes 
TACO50176.14105Tex-Mex serving 
SHAG595141.3657Layered hairdo 
ENOW656193.8542Sufficient, to a bard 
MALT653158.9450Ice cream drink 
RATS69387.9891"Darn it!" 
SKIT751154.5352Variety show segment 
XII8035330.642312 on a grandfather clock 
MUSS10285479.3117"No ___, no fuss" 
SOULSISTER110110110.002Best black female friend 
TWOS1115197.1341Noah's Ark groupings 
WAGS1185589.4614Goes back and forth, as a tail 
KOLN13031478.4417City on the Rhine, to locals 
SPCA1321129.7561Protector of stray cats and dogs, for short 
OWIE1333290.5617Little injury, to a toddler 
TIRE135487.4792Uniroyal product 
VIRAL1378497.0017Go ___ (spread online) 
AILS1372102.8178Is under the weather 
LEAH1462101.5579Wife of Jacob and in-law of 25-Across 
LENO149164.93123Jay formerly of late-night 
CHOO15510504.5316When doubled, a child's train 
ESAU156149.57161Twin of Jacob and in-law of 30-Down 
TAX1612158.6150I.R.S. money 
PCT1786279.9629%: Abbr. 
SMEE189188.1890"Peter Pan" buccaneer 
SOWS1964302.9227Scatters, as seeds 
MSNBC2057282.4021"Hardball" airer 
BRAT2055180.0245Young miscreant 
RAVEL22913297.9625Get tangled up 
WACO2315151.2552Texas home of Baylor University 
ILIAD2362112.3270Homeric epic 
TITLE2411120.0566Her Royal Highness, e.g. 
STOVE29316341.3024Kitchen range 
SKISUIT3303271204.206Winter attire in Vail 
SEASALT34363499.5013It's left when ocean water evaporates 
TSARS3571102.4278Old Russian autocrats 
GIS3592142.2056PX patrons 

Reused after more than 365 days

AnswerLast usedShortest reuseAverage reuseTotal appearancesClued today withComment
ZENO37729357.6823Greek philosopher known for paradoxes 
SMASH4432175.8746Overhead tennis shot 
CSIS6436431036.334Some CBS forensic spinoffs 
SWEEP6551336.52244-0 World Series win, e.g. 
HADTO686137566.2915Couldn't say no 
KAPPA69623918.509Phi Beta ___ 
SADSONG808159793.755Something to take and "make it better," in the Beatles' "Hey Jude" 
TKOS8685177.2644Some boxing results, for short 
DIMS96545419.2819Loses brightness 
LISZT13324584.5013"Hungarian Rhapsodies" composer 
SETSAIL241468950.509Leave port 
SEESSTARS246434831.639Reels from a haymaker 
SORESPOTS460946094609.002Touchy subjects 

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1.   Towing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages (3)
2.   Is under the weather (4)
3.   Beelike (5)
4.   Nasal stimulus (5)
5.   Young miscreant (4)
6.   When doubled, a child's train (4)
7.   Some CBS forensic spinoffs (4)
8.   Loses brightness (4)
9.   "Yikes!" (3)
10.   Sufficient, to a bard (4)
11.   The "E" of Q.E.D. (4)
12.   Actor Morales (4)
13.   Twin of Jacob and in-law of 30-Down (4)
14.   PX patrons (3)
15.   Couldn't say no (5)
16.   Bunny's movement (3)
17.   Web address starter (4)
18.   Homeric epic (5)
19.   Phi Beta ___ (5)
20.   City on the Rhine, to locals (4)
21.   Philosopher ___-tzu (3)
22.   Swedish version of Lawrence (4)
23.   Wife of Jacob and in-law of 25-Across (4)
24.   Jay formerly of late-night (4)
25.   "Hungarian Rhapsodies" composer (5)
26.   The "she" in the lyric "I'm not the world's most physical guy, / But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine" (4)
27.   Ice cream drink (4)
28.   1969 and 1986 World Series champs (4)
29.   "Hardball" airer (5)
30.   "No ___, no fuss" (4)
31.   Apollo org. (4)
32.   Prefix with realism (3)
33.   Like classic hospital thermometers (4)
34.   Little injury, to a toddler (4)
35.   %: Abbr. (3)
36.   Mexican moolah (5)
37.   "Darn it!" (4)
38.   Get tangled up (5)
39.   Something to take and "make it better," in the Beatles' "Hey Jude" (7)
40.   It's left when ocean water evaporates (7)
41.   Reels from a haymaker (9)
42.   Lighten one's portfolio, say (10)
43.   Leave port (7)
44.   Layered hairdo (4)
45.   Quits fidgeting (9)
46.   Winter attire in Vail (7)
47.   Variety show segment (4)
48.   Streamlined (5)
49.   Icy precipitation (5)
50.   Beginning that doesn't go smoothly (9)
51.   Overhead tennis shot (5)
52.   "Peter Pan" buccaneer (4)
53.   Touchy subjects (9)
54.   Signal from a marooned sailor (3)
55.   Best black female friend (10)
56.   Scatters, as seeds (4)
57.   Knockdown of all the pins in two bowls (5)
58.   Protector of stray cats and dogs, for short (4)
59.   What a nearly vertical hill has (10)
60.   Comes to rest too soon (10)
61.   Kitchen range (5)
62.   4-0 World Series win, e.g. (5)
63.   Tex-Mex serving (4)
64.   I.R.S. money (3)
65.   Uniroyal product (4)
66.   "___ the season ..." (3)
67.   Her Royal Highness, e.g. (5)
68.   Some boxing results, for short (4)
69.   Old Russian autocrats (5)
70.   Boob tubes (3)
71.   Noah's Ark groupings (4)
72.   "Here comes trouble!" (4)
73.   Troop group (4)
74.   Go ___ (spread online) (5)
75.   Texas home of Baylor University (4)
76.   Goes back and forth, as a tail (4)
77.   12 on a grandfather clock (3)
78.   Greek philosopher known for paradoxes (4)