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Solve with Down Home

What is Down Home?

The Down Home is an attempt to remove the Grand Poobah from the loop and hear what regular solvers think of the puzzle.

The program runs in the browser and uses the arrow keys and the tab button to move around the puzzle in a way similar to how Across Lite does it.

What distinguishes Down Home is that when the puzzle has been successfully completed a Summary button becomes enabled that lets you comment on your experiences solving the puzzle answer by answer.

When you are done entering comments, you can use the Upload Solution button to upload your comments to a central server. After uploading, if you click the Show Solvers button your comments will be interlaced with comments of other solvers of the puzzle

The companion blog for Down Home is Please visit to learn more about Masked and Anonymous's unique take on crossword puzzles.

All of Masked and Anonymous's puzzles are available, free of charge, at